La nueva propuesta viene cargada de color, dibujo y arte, lo que imaginan y crean 4 artistas chilenos de la mano de Papel Pintado para llevarlo al muro de todos.
Cazú Zegers y Manuel Santelices por segunda vez se embarcan en esta aventura en la que participan también Tere Mujica ilustradora y Rafael Correa escultor y pintor


Por segunda vez nos unimos a este genial periodista e ilustrador radicado en Nueva York, para traer al muro sus dibujos únicos de personajes, situaciones y ciudades.


Artista pura, pintora, de una habilidad con los colores como pocas, su estilo más ecléctico, kitch nos trae color y mucha energía


Ingeniero Forestal de profesión y artista de corazón. De un talento innato, nos cautivó con sus dibujos y trazos tipo Miró, Picasso.



“The territory is to America, as the Monuments are to Europe” phrase that coined the concept that Cazú Zegers defends through her architecture.
Named among the Latin American female architects who break down barriers by Forbes Magazine in 2020, same period he served as a visiting professor at Yale University.
Zegers and his architectural practice have a strong
social approach and rootedness in place and its local
Her works have been awarded the Grand Prix
of Versailles, the National Geographic Award
Unique Lodge of the World2 and the Latin American Grand Prix
of Architecture (1994), among others.


He is an artist in constant development”, who
searches both memories and everyday life,
trying to generate his own universe where
ideas and images converge.

Graphic Designer at The Corcoran College of Art
and Design in Washington DC.
Her work is a reflection of the greatest possible diversity
of techniques and formats, she explores the digital world,
illustration, fabric, paper, and above all color,
combining them together

Inspired by an international model of self-management, I have made individual and collective exhibitions in Chile and abroad.


Self-taught Chilean artist, with different production and work analysis courses.

She has already accumulated more than 15 collective
exhibitions in Chile, Peru and the US.

Always motivated to discover and adjust the different articulations within her works, investigate supports and composition possibilities and lately developing this search in the world of geometry, shapes, ornaments and pattern repetitions.

Tomasa is the reflection of light and shadow, of the beauty of straight and pure lines.

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2020 Collection

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Ana Maria Benedetti

Chilean artist, graphic designer and painter.

Her paintings are the simplicity of the representation of everyday life and the most remarkable represented is the
human being and his environment.
The paintings of Ana María are based on acrylics, chalks, inks, pastels, fabrics, hand-painted paper, silver and gold plates.


Totoy is one of those artists who are easily recognized by their drawings and personality with a unique spontaneity and a somewhat childish eloquence.

Graduated from the School of Plastic Arts of the Finis Terrae University and later made a Master in Digital Animation
at Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona.


Cristian Boza Diaz. Chilean architect and teacher,.

He developed a recognized career in Chile and abroad, academic and responsible for emblematic projects in our country.
A globetrotter from whom we collected his travel log to take the sketches of the world to the wall.

Sarah Boccaccini

English designer and illustrator.
Sara is inspired by nature and the small details in her everyday environment to create unique and quirky print illustrations. Her materials include watercolor, gouache, and ink pen.

Theresa Chan

Connsidered one of the best graphic designers in the world, founder of Chan Graphics. She specialized in surface pattern design and whose style aspires to be vintage with a modern touch.


Chilean journalist and illustrator, based in New York. He is the international editor of Cosas, editor of Vogue and contributor to other international fashion magazines. He owns a unique talent for portraying actors, public figures and stars.